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We’re all waiting with bated breath for the next season of Game of Thrones to start next year. In the meantime, there are many fan theories and speculations doing the rounds about what’s going to happen next. But what if we could learn something more from this show that now has a cult following? We reckoned that there were some lessons to learn about saving and planning the way you handle your money from the show. And what better time to tell you about this since winter is…quite literally…coming!

Winter Is Coming: 

A phrase that has been used in all seasons so far, it gives the sense of planning for the unknown and harsh times. Given that there will come a time when our ability to earn will reduce or emergencies may need some fast cash at hand, preparations need to be made now.


Using Sqrrl Away can be your starting point! As the wildlings at Hardhome found out, something nasty can happen when you miss the boat.

Be Adaptable:

Sticking to a plan without taking into consideration your present situation is not a good idea. You saw the end King Stannis met when he arrived at Winterfell and refused to budge from his plan. Don’t be like Stannis. Be smart. If you can’t save or invest as much as you’d planned, do what you can.


The idea is to be adaptable and figure how saving your money works best for you. And again, Sqrrl Away allows you that flexibility!

Remove Emotion From Investment:

It’s best to be dispassionate about what you’re going to invest in. Being smart is the need of the hour. Remember when Rob Stark broke off his engagement with the daughter of a powerful ally that would have secured his future and married the nurse for love?


We all know what came next.  Use Axe Tax to make similar dispassionate decisions that will secure your future.

Leveraging What You Have:

Daenerys Targaryen had nothing to her name but her band of scrappy tribesmen and 3 dragons. But she used them to her advantage and turned her assets into huge gains. She now has an army, money and is heading to Westeros to claim her right to the Iron Throne. Similarly, it’s all about playing with what you have smartly.


And Sqrrl’s Axe Tax helps you with just the kind of investments you need to save on tax while growing the wealth you have.

Dreams Should Be Chased:

John Snow’s trusty friend Sam always wanted to work in a place with books. It was his ideal dream. He got the chance, somewhat, at The Wall, but he took calculated decisions that landed him up at the massive library at the Citadel.


And we all loved that look of sheer awe on his face when he saw his dream come true. BYOD works similarly for you to help turn your dreams into reality!

We’ve made you miss the show, haven’t we? Well, in the time you have till the season 7 premiers, why don’t you get familiar with the Sqrrl features we mentioned? 🙂 All you need to do is head to www.sqrrl.in



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