Tomorrow is Diwali, and even as everyone prepares to celebrate the festival of lights, it can sometimes get a little hard for us office goers to gel into the preparations, just yet. also as Employee, we are waiting for Diwali Bonus with excitement.

But the one thing that gets us going during these times is when we finally lay our hands on the Diwali Bonus! You may have already planned what to do with the bonus, or some of you might still be juggling with a lot of things as to what exactly to do with it. Worry not. Because if you haven’t yet, we have some really good suggestions that might help you. Have a look!

Diwali Bonus


It may sound like a cliched advice. But even today, there’s no better way to grow your money than investments. And this is arguably the most effective way of planning your money. Several Banks and financial institutions offer special investment rates during Diwali, making it actually one the best times of the year to invest. And if you already have your investments in place, you can also increase your contributions via this method, and probably, stay a step ahead of everyone, in how they used their Diwali bonus.

Diwali Gifts

Your Diwali Bonus might be the perfect way to exchange gifts from your near and dear ones. Maybe a brand new gaming console for your brother. Or a box set of your sister’s favourite book series. Or maybe taking your parents to the digital era by gifting them their first smartphones.

The best thing about these options is that they won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you’d still be able to spread smiles all over. Even the e-commerce platforms offer huge discounts which although are not always so fruitful but can be explored if you can still keep a control on your wallet.

Plan a Family Trip

The perfect holiday that you and your family might have long been craving for finally can be made possible, thanks to your extra income.

Also, the festive seasons are the perfect time to go for a trip, along with your family. From the mountains to the beaches or a trip to an exotic location or to a religious place, the trip that was getting cancelled each time due to a shortage of funds can now be made possible. And not only will it be a bonus well spent but will also act as a break from your mundane lifestyle.

A Day Out With Your Family

If it is not possible to arrange for a Holiday trip, you can always plan for a day out with your loved ones. It will give you quality time to spend with your family that your daily lifestyle doesn’t permit you to do. Start by booking tickets for a movie that you and your family can enjoy and follow it up by little but of shopping and dining out at a cozy restaurant. Make sure to organize it in such a manner so as to ensure that your family enjoys the day throughout.

Those Essentials

You can also use your bonus in a wise manner by shopping for the essential items that you have been planning for a long time but always had to put down due to budget constraints. This might be the perfect occasion to exchange your old TV for a new one or buy a brand new Microwave Oven that was needed for a long time. You can even gift yourself a new phone and get rid of the old one. Be it anything that requires a few tens of thousands of rupees, your Diwali bonus can help with that. Through attractive Diwali offers available on online utility stores, this might be the best time to fulfil some of these long-pending wishes.

Do Something Different with Diwali Bonus Amount

Everyone usually looks for ways to spend their added income on themselves and their families. But for a change, you can use that money to spread happiness among those who are not fortunate enough to lead better lives. You can donate to an NGO or organize a one day feast for the street kids near you. You can even visit an old age home and provide them with sumptuous gifts and meals that will definitely put a smile on their faces. This could be one way to contribute in a very effective and large manner and do your bit.

So this Diwali makes sure your Bonus is used up to its full potential. The ultimate choice rests with you – whether you want to invest the amount wisely or make full use of that money to spread happiness among your near and dear ones. You can also do both!

Here’s wishing our readers a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.


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