What To Do When You Lose Your Job? 3 Ways To Manage Job Loss During Coronavirus

COVID-19 crisis caught the whole world off-guard.
Economic transactions have been severely impacted almost falling to zero for big MNCs.
Thousands of Swiggy, Ola and Uber employees lost their job in the past month. 
This brings us to the question of the hour – What to do when you lose your job?

What’s Behind You, is Behind You - What to do when you lose your job?

What’s Behind You, is Behind You

There’s no sweet way to put it – Losing your job, in an already emotionally turbulent time can be highly distressing. Entering in a phase of self-pity, constantly doubting yourself and thinking that you are no good is one of the many side-effects of suddenly losing your job. What we fail to realise is that, in light of the current crisis, it is no more your fault than anybody else’s. It is a crisis for all sectors, be it healthcare or hospitality – the world has come to a stand still. Repeat the mantra – this too shall pass, this too shall pass because as myopic as we’ve become with the health crisis, we can’t give in to the belief that the world will not go back to it’s normal. 

When the pandemic struck the world, we had no idea of the what/when/how? In fact, nobody even realised the gravity of the situation in the beginning. It was only after a few months that countries started shutting down, after witnessing high death rates due to the contagiousness of the disease. Economies started entering phases of correction, with the extreme falls in markets and we were forced to stay indoors (for the best of course). 

Now is not the time to panic and curse yourself and the world (and your bosses?) for letting you go. Now is the time time to think about, what to do when you lose your job and what next steps can you take. Wallowing in self pity won’t do you any good but do you know what will? Taking full control of the present and accelerating towards the finish line or if you want, a new start line!

Add More To Your Story Today

There is a story behind all of us. Happy or sad, that’s a question for another day but we have  good and bad days which we are made of. Last December was much less scary for all of us. Coming back home to your family after a day’s work was utmost fulfilling. Then, January began and it was like entering the eye of a tornado, with no plan or back up. You wake up and see the whole world is shutting down. You can’t visit family, friends, relatives, and there’s no going out to buy food, clothes or gadgets without fear. We started avoiding physical human interactions like the plague, and no one was prepared for a world like this. Now, all that has happened, it is a part of all our stories – FOREVER. But how do you move forward?

You can start this by adding more positives to your individual stories.  A crisis spent crying is a crisis wasted. Make full use of the time you have now to build your skill set. Add more to your story today by learning new activities, both on the professional front and otherwise. Take a cooking course or learn guitar online because now you are back home and have a lot of time in hand. Take that course is specialising in SEO or learning that new computer language you always wanted. This is not an exhaustive list of things but just a starting point. Go on, learn a thing or two, it will help you in channelising your pent-up energy into more productive things. Invest in yourself and your family. Bond with them and take charge of the present while being more hopeful about tomorrow. Now, about what to do when you lose your job?

Ticket for a Better Tomorrow - What to do when you lose your job?

Ticket for a Better Tomorrow

Yes, there’s a ticket for a better tomorrow and you can have it. And no, it doesn’t cost you any money because it’s more expensive than currency could pay for. It will cost you your time and energy and if you are willing to pay it in full, without slacking, what’s behind you will hold no say in what’s ahead of you. Next two steps are:

  • Bills Don’t Pay Themselves

    All the pain and frustration behind losing a job boils down to one very basic issue – Bills don’t pay themselves! If we tell you only the good bits about the current situation then we would honestly be doing a crap, half-hearted job at telling you what to do when you lose your job. You have expenses to bear and a family to take care of; of course you are afraid of how you will make financial ends meet.

    Staying afloat is the biggest priority for you right now and that’s totally justified. In order to do that, make a light and tight budget. Yes, cut down on that booze and party and those multiple Netflix, Prime, Hotstar and Hulu subscriptions. You really cannot afford to write multiple bills at this time of crisis. It will only be a matter of time till you find another job, so hold back your impulses for now and live on a tight budget.

  • Pick Your Next Gig Cleverly

    If you spend more time in selecting your next steps rather than wallowing right now, you will create a paradise for yourself in future. Hear us out before you think we are making empty, overly optimistic claims. When you think about your next job, what comes to your mind?

    Big, fat bucks of course, but what is the kind of work environment that you want to be a part of. Do you want to work remotely or change your profile? What about the sector you want to be employed in? Some sectors are bound to do well once COVID is over while some will take more time to return to the fast pace. All in all, you have to be clever about your future job prospects by venturing into a gig that will scale up your growth rather than dipping the further progress. Don’t make a hasty decision that you regret as soon as you begin working. Take your time to make a better choice. Patience is key.

Wise today, happier tomorrow – make sure you take this time off as an opportunity to expand and not like a blot in your perfect record. Every crisis ends one day and gives way to a better time. All the Best for your job hunt!


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