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The Little Black Dress & Crisp White Shirt

We’re no fashionistas but even we know this one! Every wardrobe needs a little black dress or the LBD as it’s so fondly called. And gents, in case you’re feeling left out, the must-have for you is a crisp white shirt. These are staples, must-haves call it as you may. For us, this rings true with our product Sqrrl Away that is a must have for everyone. It helps you save small amounts at your convenience while giving you returns that are higher than your regular savings account in a bank. Sounds pretty damn perfect doesn’t it?



The Must Have

Everyone has their eye on that one thing that they must have! This could be anything from that gorgeous sari to that dapper suit that will have heads turning. Tastes are varied and no one understands that better than Bring your own Dreams (BYOD). Everyone has different dreams and goals and BYOD helps to take you a step closer to getting what you want. From helping you figure how much you need to keep aside per month to automatically deducting it from your bank account, BYOD is your best chance to save up for that gorgeous piece of clothing you want or anything else your heart desires.



The Versatile Shoes

Everyone likes getting a bang for their buck. Much like those versatile pair of heels or shoes that work for a casual chique setting or elegant formal event depending on the outfit you’re wearing. Everyone already owns that pair or wants to own it. This must-have fashion piece is reminiscent to us of Axe Tax that helps you invest the right way so you save as much as you possibly can on tax. With Axe Tax you definitely get that bang for your buck because we help you invest without making things complicated while also helping you save on tax. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?

For us at Sqrrl, it’s easy to connect the smallest things in the everyday with daily money management because that’s what we live and breathe! And we’re hopeful that breaking things down this way, takes us a step closer to helping you manage your money in a way that’s smart and helps you prosper!


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