Earlier in 2016, Buzzfeed published an article on the ‘urban poor’; the millennial urban Indian who cared more about brands and how they were perceived but didn’t have a cent to their name. And the internet exploded in response. Opinion pieces, memes and mockery– social media was flooded with different points of view. But one thing came shining through – the urban Indian wasn’t saving. Not by a long shot.

And how could one really blame them? They live in a world that drives them to consume. And every time they turn to their banks to save they’re deterred by the complicated jargon. We’re talking about the average regular working Indian. We’re talking about YOU.

And so the idea for Sqrrl was born and we knew we were onto something special. We could help positively impact millions of young lives by helping them save without intimidating them with heavy numbers or jargon meant only for those working in the financial sector. We realised the potential to be a modern day piggy bank where savings were built by putting small amounts.


The idea behind our platform is simple – we help you save. We take things a step further by also helping you to invest those savings, all with the end goal of seeing you prosper. And in a world that’s driven to simplify everything, we designed our platform to turn a mountain into a molehill. See what we did there? 🙂

Sqrrl has great aspirations; to help 3 million young Indians save, invest and prosper by 2021. That is our raison d’être, the reason why we wake up excited every morning! We’re a heartbeat away from starting this journey. And we’re hoping you join us.


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