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“Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.”

Life can often consume you with the mundane routine of everyday living. And the very minute you kick start your bike and go on for a ride, away from the humdrum of the city, you feel a sense of freedom and detachment with the various complications surrounding you.

That one ride relieves you of all your stress and re-energizes you in ways you cannot put down into words. It makes you feel unstoppable and free from the world. A real bike enthusiast can often romanticise with this very feeling of joy and full of passion.

Today the bike enthusiast in you is on for a ride as we bring you the top 5 best bikes for long cruising in India. So keep calm and bike on.

1) Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

The very first thing that comes to mind when we speak about the Bajaj Avenger is the tagline ‘Feel Like God’. Cruising on the Avenger Street indeed gives you a heavenly vibe and makes you feel like God. The Avenger can set any street on fire with its dark shades and sporty mag wheels.

The Baja Avenger Cruise is equipped with a 220cc DTS-I engine with twin spark plugs to add more power to all your rides. The engine is oil-cooled at all times as we all need a cool head while cruising to longer destinations.

One of the best things about the Avenger is the street control handlebar that provides manoeuvring through narrow streets or long highways with god-like ease. The bike has a low-slung seating to make your rides comfortable at all times.

This perfect Indian cruiser comes at a price of Rs 99,584. (Ex-showroom Delhi)


2) Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

There are bikes, and then there is a Royal Enfield. The name says it all. The Thunderbird 500 is your quintessential cruiser made for open skies, unhurried riding and a weekend on the saddle. Powered by a 499 cc twin spark air-cooled engine, the Thunderbird has many thoughtful inclusions like a 20-litre fuel tank that provides you 550-700 km range at a stretch, making every trip feel like a breeze for the rider.

Other notable features include a square swingarm rear suspension that keeps the rear tyre in contact with the ground on small slopes and hilly areas. The set-in cruiser stance and well-padded bucket seat give you the perfect riding position for all your trips.

To top it all the Thunderbird 500 looks better, handles better and still maintains the charisma and personality that Royal Enfields are known for. This cruiser comes at a price of Rs 2,03,000. (Ex-showroom Delhi)


3) Royal Enfield Himalayan

Making a surprise entry into our list of cruisers is the Himalayan. It’s Royal Enfield’s most versatile bike, be it on the road or off the road, this motorcycle can take the rider everywhere, and it’s the only motorcycle that you will ever need.
The long-travel suspension, natural upright riding position and a torquey engine provides you with a comfortable ride through the streets, or the highways or even the mountain areas.

Equipped with an LS410 Single cylinder 4-stroke engine, the Himalayan is powered by a strong low-end torque that makes it widely usable in all riding conditions. An adventurers favourite, the Himalayan has been priced at Rs 1,56,000 lakh. (Ex-showroom Delhi)


4) Hyosung Aquila Pro 650

Soul of a cruiser, the heart of a racer. This is the perfect description for the Aquila Pro 650 by Hyosung. It packs a punch with its old school looks and a superbike vibe at the same time. Powered by a 647cc, V-twin cylinder water cooled engine that generates 74 BHP and 62.1 NM of torque.

This mean machine can claim a top speed of around 195 km/hr. One of the best things about the Aquila Pro is the 705 mm of seat height that allows for a comfortable seating position for the bikers.

Born to cruise, the Aquila Pro 650 comes at the cost of Rs 4,99,000 lakh. (Ex-showroom Mumbai)


5) Harley Davidson Street 750

Last but not the least, this cruiser list is incomplete without mentioning a Harley. Built for the Indian audience, the Harley-Davidson Street is a rider’s delight. One can tame the urban grid as well as the highways with this revolutionary Indian favourite.

Beneath this rebellion cafe racer lurks a liquid-cooled 750cc Revolution X™ V-Twin engine that makes you beat traffic in no time. When modern civilisation throws tantrums at you, Street 750 is born to tackle the demands of the urban landscape.

The best part about this Street beauty is that it’s the most affordable bike of the Harley Davidson. And they made it accessible the right and the authentic way that Harleys are known for. Milwaukee steel fuel tank, premium paint job and the 3-D chrome badge. This has been built for the great Indian dream. It comes at the cost of Rs 5,25,000 lakh. (Ex-showroom New Delhi)


Dreams Do Come True

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top 5 bikes for long cruising in india

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