Top 5 apps to have in your phone in 2020

They say TIME FLIES and our guess is that our salaries have been taking flying lessons from it for years! 💸

We believe that tracking money is as crucial as making it. After earning money, the next important step is to monitor it. Not monitoring money is like giving it Nimbus 2000 (Hey, Harry Potter fans!) to fly away from you and who wants that? Fortunately, in the present time there are multiple money apps that can be connected with a user’s bank account(s), thereby helping them in controlling their expenditures. Such apps offer a range of features, right from helping identify the areas where a person is spending too much, to sending timely reminders about payments and bills! If you’re the kind of person who gets just a *little* shocked each time you look at your bank account, then these 5 money apps will be real saviours for you in 2020: 

1. Walnut-  Use it to start budgeting & tracking your money  

Money apps 2020

Walnut is an intuitively designed and robust money management tool. It clubs your expenses as per your priorities – showing you a multi-dimensional breakdown of your budget. It eyes all your money transactions, across your bank accounts and your e-wallets, like a 360 degree CCTV cam. Along with that, it offers you detailed insights on your long-term spends. 

You can also use this all-rounder app for bill splitting and settling, for BHIM UPI transactions, for making credit card payments and even for locating ATMs near you! One of the coolest money apps, right?


2. Sqrrl- Use it to start saving & investing your money 

money apps in 2020

No one grows rich ONLY by saving. Investing in the right avenues is inarguably just as important. In fact, Warren Buffet once said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!”.

And this is exactly the magic that the Sqrrl app helps with. It helps you make money while you sleep!

Sqrrl does this by investing your money in top performing mutual funds (funds that are carefully handpicked by experts). Not only does the Sqrrl app demystify mutual funds and the scary breathless disclaimers that come with them but also it offers you a 100% online experience. No hassle to go anywhere at all!

Along with all this, you can set up financial goals on the app. For example, you can set up buying your favourite motorbike as a goal. The app will then make a clear plan for you based on the timeframe you put into it, thereby personalising your experience. You can invest in gold mutual funds and meet your financial goals. Also, you can start an SIP even with a little as Rs.100. Imagine, how simple all these money apps will make your life in 2020!

3. PhonePe- Use it to make your online money transfers/payments easier

Money apps 2020

Yes, we are talking about the very famous e-wallet here. By making money transfer easy, PhonePe helps in making your daily transactions much more convenient. It helps a person in making online payments by using the mobile number or a UPI.

This app has already gained a lot of popularity among folks in a short time as it helps in making payments via QR codes at restaurants, retail stores, and various e-commerce sites. PhonePe also offers multiple investing options that are helpful in tax saving. Along with that, it helps you in tracking your refund payments from websites. All the features above make PhonePe one of the must have money apps in 2020. 

4. Digilocker- Time to keep your documents handy in 2020

best money apps 2020

Well, semantically, Digilocker is not a finance app but, it sure is a must have app and we’ll explain why. Digilocker is an app for issuance and verification of documents like PAN Card, Vehicle Registration certificate and Driving licence, etc which does not involve any paperwork. It works with your Aadhar ID and frees you from the hassles of handling physical documents. Hence, it feels like having a secure pocket for all the important stuff you fear losing anywhere, any time.

The pain it takes to make money is hard to put into words; it takes time, it takes energy and of course it takes numerous efforts! Hence, being callous with money management puts too much at stake. While technology can help in making it easier, it requires time and strong will power to make your financial dreams come true. Keep reading for the last must have money app in 2020!

5. Moneycontrol Markets App- Use it to stay updated with the latest money news  

best money apps to have in 2020

Well, if you start using Sqrrl for savings/investments, then you must use the Moneycontrol app to view and track NSE stock charts. It also covers multiple assets from BSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges, so you can track Indices (Sensex & Nifty), Stocks, Futures, Options, Mutual Funds, Commodities and Currencies with ease. It offers all the latest updates on your investment portfolio.

By visiting the Moneycontrol forum, you can seek guidance from experts and start learning the tricks of trade! Keep yourself up to date with the global and Indian financial market forums by using Moneycontrol app!

We hope that you’ll find these personal finance apps helpful in managing your hard-earned money in 2020!

Thanks for Reading!

You can download the Sqrrl app from HERE


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