Lights! Camera! ACTION! 
The wait was long but it’s finally, finally out!
Our work from home efforts have culminated into something monumental.
Puzzled, Perplexed, Surprised & Curious?

As you are aware, with our latest version Sqrrl V4, we have brought together many changes. We are glad to tell you that we have received a great response from our users, for our latest app design and features.  

Today, we are delighted to announce that we wish to make your relationship with us more permanent. No, you don’t have to tie the knot with us. What we mean is that we plan to make your Sqrrl experience – MORE personal and premium! 

Introducing to you Sqrrl Prime

What does a finance app do?
You might say that it helps you in saving and investing your money. 
Make you prosperous and richer, perhaps?

Right but the question here is, IS THAT ENOUGH?
Is saving and investing money enough to create a wholesome personal finance experience?That means, you can get prosperous by using any X, Y, Z personal finance app. After all, everyone is helping you with saving and investing your money. 

Time for a new perspective!

We believe that there are no quick rich schemes. No genie will come out of a lamp to make you rich overnight. It is a more long, detailed and delicate process. Bringing to you, a new idea, a fresh set of eyes and an experience so wholesome, you’ll feel like you are in control of your finances like never before! 

Sqrrl Prime will help you in taking charge of your finances at every step. It will help in creating a positive impact in your life and your bank account, every day of your life. 

Here’s a list of benefits you will be able to avail with Sqrrl Prime: 

1. Warm Welcome On-board With Our Financial Wellness Coaches:)

When we say that we will be by your side at every step, we really mean right from the beginning! The moment you subscribe to Sqrrl Prime, you will be able to select a time slot for a dedicated welcome planning session. Our team of financial wellness experts will be ready to guide you through the whole investment space. Jargon and technical terms, can be left at the door. We will help you navigate personal finance in the most convenient way possible. No bots will be involved, it will be just you and us interacting like two friends.

The Covid-19 triggered market sinking has given big lessons to us all. A question you need to ask yourself is, were you prepared for the financial hit this crisis gave you? Could you have managed your money more efficiently? If your answer to this question is yes, then it is high time for you to start participating in financial management more actively. Be it building an emergency fund or starting an SIP, financial planning with our hotshot wellness coaches for a more safe future.

2. No Cap On Your Dreams & Goals With Unlimited Free Transactions!

Do you like unlimited refill buffets? Well, we don’t have any buffet on us but we have got our own version of that! With Sqrrl Prime, you will be given a pass to make an unlimited number of transactions – NO FEE! You can start an SIP, set up a goal, invest in the funds of your choice or save tax, without worrying about paying any convenience fees which may be applicable time to time for non-prime customers. 

Getting Prime will be a great option if you already have multiple investments in various schemes with us or wish to make multiple investments soon. As a team our biggest aim is to make the whole investment space simple for you. You can set up any number of short term or long term goals with us and go on to invest regularly to achieve them. 

3. We Love To Hear From You During Business Hours & Beyond      

ELSS funds, SIP, Liquid funds – Investment space is full of DIFFICULT words. You might feel that finance altogether is tough because of the technical language involved. Guess what? We agree, one hundred percent with you on this! For that reason we wish to provide you with support during business hours and even beyond. 

Get help from professionals not only on weekdays but also on weekends! To stand by you, we will be offering you premium customer support from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 10:00 am to 2:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. This service will solve your doubts regarding any process or app feature in a convenient manner. Always remember that, we are just ONE CALL AWAY & HAPPY TO HELP:))

4. Assessing Your Risk Tolerance & Allocating Assets in Your Portfolio

When it comes to investing, the three things that are most important are – your goals, your risk profile and your asset allocation. Your goals, you get to choose and your risk profile and asset allocation – we will decide based on your inputs. Risk profile is important since it will help us in determining your investment style in the market. That enables us to suggest schemes and funds that will fit your risk appetite. 

Your risk profile and goals will in turn affect your asset allocation. Our intelligent algorithm will recommend you a portfolio after doing a thorough check of your needs (goal) and your appetite (risk profile). It will optimise all variables and determine the percentage (%) of equity, debt, gold fund etc. you need to have in your portfolio to reach your goal in the fastest way possible. 

5. Financial Planning – Portfolio Review Based On Your Life Stage Every Quarter 

We love staying in touch with you!  As in life, similarly with financial planning, things change as we navigate various stages in our lives, family, career, etc. And we would love to keep your financial planning relevant based on your personal circumstances.

Does your portfolio need to be re-assessed? Is your current financial plan fit for your long term goals? How to start an emergency fund? Or any other question, we have your back. Our team of financial wellnesses experts who have over 25 years of industry experience, will be more than happy to help you monitor your investments regularly.

6. Free Online ITR Filing  

In line with our vision of keeping things simple for the users of Sqrrl, we are offering free ITR filing for all Sqrrl Prime members. We understand that managing the paperwork with respect to computation of capital gains and filing income tax returns thereon, can be a big headache.

So, Sqrrl Prime members will be able to file ITR in a completely paperless, smooth and quick manner with us! Be ready to file ITR this Income Tax Return season, in a hassle free manner with Sqrrl.

7. Free Porting of Existing Investments From All Other Platforms

If you have multiple investments in mutual funds on any investment platform, and are wondering on how to proceed ahead, we are here to help you. Your existing mutual fund investments will get transferred from other platforms and apps to your Sqrrl account at no extra cost.

In addition to that, we allow conversion of regular (commission) mutual funds to direct mutual funds which are zero-commission. Your investments will be automatically ported  for your convenience. We wish to help you get better organised by keeping this simple. 

8. Free Accidental Personal Insurance 

Life is uncertain, and although we might hate to accept it – one can never be too sure of the next day! An accidental insurance will provide you financial protection against any unfortunate accidents in future. You will get personal accidental coverage for accidental death, permanent total/partial disability

With Sqrrl Prime, you will get an accidental insurance coverage of Rs. 1 Lakh or Rs. 5 Lakhs per annum free. This policy is offered by our industry wide highly trusted partner ICICI Lombard. With this accidental insurance policy we wish to wrap up the whole membership with a cover of safety and security to safeguard you against any unforeseen attack.

Get Sqrrl Prime 

All these features and many more of additional benefits will be available to you free, with Sqrrl Prime. Get the Sqrrl Prime monthly subscription pack.

Get Sqrrl Prime at Rs. 199/- every month.

We have both monthly and yearly subscription packs.If you wish to save, invest, plan and get accidental coverage with us for the next full year, we would love that! With the yearly pack, pay for 10 months and leave the last 2 months to us!

Get Sqrrl Prime yearly subscription at Rs. 1,999/-

What if you have a family of 4 who wish to save, invest, get accidental cover and receive regular financial inputs from industry experts with over 25 years of experience?

For family accounts (2 to 4) you can get a subscription at Rs. 299/- per month.

Purchase an yearly subscription for your family at Rs. 2,999/-

Note: Sqrrl Prime will be available in the app stores later this week


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