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Beauty brands are becoming trickier when it comes to encouraging us to spend. We keep splurging on some or the other new launches. But most of the times, these products cost us a bomb.

So, what can you do in this case?

After all they’re all so P-R-E-T-T-Y and screaming to be yours. What’s a girl to do when you gotta straighten out your spending priorities? Well brace yourselves because I’ve got an entire list for things to do.

Take a look!

Finish what you have

We all tend to make this mistake. We keep buying products without finishing the previous ones. So, first empty your stash, list down the essentials and then buy new ones.

Keep looking for discounts

If you are a beauty and makeup enthusiast, you must be aware of what is the correct sale time and when your favourite brand offer discounts. That’s the time you should go ahead and stock up on your essentials.

Check reviews before buying

Be 100% sure of the product you’re buying. Read a detailed review and know your product completely. If you feel the product will work for you then it’s an investment; otherwise you might end up losing bucks without proper research.

Multi-use your products

There are multiple ways that show how you can multi-use your favourite products. Develop this habit. This way your products will get be properly used, and you will save money too. Yay!

Go for bigger sizes

I know you are a pro when it comes to shopping, and so you might have observed that bigger bottles are always cheaper. Now, if you are buying something that you will be using daily then simply go for bigger bottles.

Opt for combo offers

Combos give us the opportunity to try out various products at once. They save money and are perfect for people who travel a lot. So look out for combos and complementary products.

Collect samples

This is another fab way of saving money. Women who are way too choosy or have a sensitive skin must start with samples. Try to get samples from various counters and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Switch to organic or Ayurvedic brands

Indian organic brands offer good products without damaging your bank account. Explore them and see what works for you.

Sales are your friend

I’m not saying to horde when sale season rolls around. But rather, use it as an opportunity to restock on loved labels or to try out new ones without paying full price.

Clean and store your makeup properly

Always keep your bottles, pots, and brushes clean to avoid contaminating the product and to have it with you for longer use.

Bonus Tip

All things said and done, you know right that you *actually need money* to buy your favourite makeup? And say what? You don’t have enough of it saved up? But you want to, right? Save up and look pretty at the same time?

There’s a new simple way to do that, and that’s by downloading this app called Sqrrl. It’s super easy to save money with Sqrrl and you can actually grow it pretty fast too. Take my word and head over to this link here to download the app NOW!.

You’ll thank me later!

This blog has been written by Instagram blogger Jaspreet Kaur Oberoi. You can head over to her Instagram page here.



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