TIp to Save Money In College- Indian Students

Most college students shy away from the thought of saving money. Infact, 60% of college students get into the habit of borrowing money from each other. If you are a college student, maybe you also face similar situations. This article has one easy tip to save money in college. Sqrrl app has a feature especially made for Indian college students like you.

Here’s how Sqrrl can be just the perfect companion for college students :- 

Save each time you pay online through Paytm

All you have to do is download the Sqrrl app & setup Sqrrl Away automatic savings. This is how the Sqrrl Away feature works:

Sqrrl Away Savings = Nearest Round-Up Amount – Expense Amount 

Let’s take an example of a typical day in a college students life:

Expense Type Expense Amount Nearest round-up amount Sqrrl Away savings
Morning Uber ride (paid via Paytm) 168 200 32
Chai break in canteen (paid via GPay) 22 30 8
Mobile plan recharge
(Paid via debit card)
257 300 43


Total Sqrrl savings of the day: 83 INR 

While you may forget to save when spending online, Sqrrl never forgets to create a savings pool for you. 

New phone? Goa with friends? – Sqrrl helps you save your pocket money for your goals 

Sqrrl has a really cool goal-based saving feature. All you have to download the app and setup your goal. Sqrrl app will tell you how much you will need to save based on your goal. You can decide you want to save daily/weekly/monthly or whenever you want. The app will also send you reminders if you are lagging behind. This is a really easy tip to save money in college.


Your pocket money can grow with Sqrrl app- Best way to save money in college! 

Well, what better way to grow your money than investing. But if the market risk and investing hassles inhibit you, Sqrrl takes all your stress away. Not only it shields your money like armor but invests it in high yielding funds. 

Sqrrl invests your money in liquid funds for you that are consummately studied by experts. So, your money is invested in low-risk debt funds for a short term. So, this way your savings are safe from the harsh market risks. 

Moreover, as the KYC also be done online in just a few steps, Sqrrl ensures you have a no-hassle experience.

Your Sqrrl, Your type

Sqrrl offers nine native languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati and Bengali. 

And don’t you worry about fancy financial jargon as Sqrrl uses simple language to connect with you. It ensures you feel comfortable with mutual funds and not creep away from them.

Take your money back, whenever you need it- Isn’t that why you were saving? 

Well, emergencies may crop up any time and Sqrrl knows it well. You can withdraw your money as you like it. 

When you need your money, it shall give it to you but with the extra interests. 

Thanks to the intelligent algorithms Sqrrl uses that ensure continuous compounding of interests!

Your SIP broker but without the fee.

Investing money is crucial and you’ve got to learn it no matter to garner that financial aptitude. However, starting your SIPs can be overwhelming for rookies. But with Sqrrl, you can start your SIP with an amount as low as a hundred rupees. 

Thus, you can learn investing tactics and about financial markets but at the pace, you feel comfortable with. There’s no hurry at all!

SIPs by Sqrrl can be started in just a minute. Sqrrl’s smooth SIP calculator is robust enough to select direct mutual funds so you get 1-1.5% higher return than regular mutual funds.

Also, it charges you no commission as it invests your money directly. 

Save money in college with full security- Safety is Sqrrl’s priority 

With a number of emerging data privacy risks, even e-money is vulnerable. But Sqrrl takes security very seriously. Your investments are secure as they are invested by AMC which is a body regulated by SEBI. There are NO third parties involved. 

Also, the app uses 128-bit encryption so your financial plans are totally safe and secure.

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Personal finance isn’t just an overwhelming subject for newbies but adults too find it cumbersome. There’s no magic to tackle this better but a strong financial foundation. And the earlier you go, the earlier things are likely to settle for you!

Start your college on your right financial foot , download Sqrrl from Here!<Hyperlink>

Off you go on your voyage to financial independence like a pro!


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