Definition: A Sqrrler is someone who has made saving/investing a daily habit through the Sqrrl app. 

In order to make all our new users welcome into the Sqrrl home, we thought about writing a detailed blog to introduce some members of the Sqrrl family. 



Meet Sahil- He your typical punjabi munda with a twist!

Brought up in a Punjabi family in Delhi, Sahil has always seen his parents living life like there is no tomorrow. Spending money extravagantly is the norm in his family. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and they own it proudly!

Sahil loves his family and was just like them till he started his new job at an IT company. He met a lot of his colleagues who came from middle/lower income families. He saw them struggle to make ends meet with their salaries and how much they comprised everyday. He realized how incredibly lucky he was to have what he had, and decided to be different.

He decided to save and spend money responsibly. He loved travelling and till now all his trips were being funded by his parents. His next trip was the Goa and he thought of saving money from his salary to go on this trip. This when he became a part of the Sqrrl family. He figured out that using the Sqrrl app, he can save money for specific goals. He immediately created a goal named ‘my next goa trip’ and set a target amount to save Rs. 20000 in 90 days. 

The Sqrrl app did the rest of the work for him. With its intelligent algorithms, Sahil’s money was invested in high-returns mutual funds.

Sahil was happily surprised to know that he was able to save his goal amounts in just 83 days! 

Now, Sahil is true Sqrrler using the app for all his money needs. He not only uses the app himself, but has also made his friends and family Sqrrlers as well! 

Let’s meet them now :))

Meet Rashmi- Sahil’s Girlfriend, but that’s not how she is known! 

savingsRashmi met Sahil during the engineering college. She hails from a middle class family in Agra. There was always a strong focus on studies in her family. Both her parents were teachers and instilled the same values in her. Ever since she was a kid, she knew she had to study hard and become an independent career woman. During her engineering days, while everyone else was hustling to get a job, she was preparing for her post graduate MS degree

In her final year, while Sahil had secured a good job, she got admission in a very reputed college in India. Both of them were happily preparing for their future ahead. Suddenly, she got the news that her father got laid off from his teaching job and her parents can longer afford her future education. It was a huge blow on her. 

Sahil offered financial support but Rashmi could never get herself to borrow money from him. She instead decided to get an education loan to fill the college fees. However, there was still the question of sustaining herself through college. She decided to start taking tuitions in the evening. This is when Sahil introduced her to the Sqrrl app. She figured out that there was an automated feature in the app (Sqrrl away) with which she could save her spare change everyday to create a savings pool for herself. All she had to do was to start paying her bills online and voila! Each time she would make a payment online, Sqrrl away would automatically calculate the spare change and save it in her Sqrrl account. Once every week, that money would be invested in liquid funds and she could get 6-7 % returns on it. 

Slowly she was able to create a savings pool for herself using the Sqrrl app. Not only was she able to fund herself through college, she could also save some amount to pay off a part of her educational loan.

She never had to borrow a single penny from Sahil and she is now getting ready to pursue her Ph.d. The Sqrrl away feature makes her feel safe and self-sufficient.

Meet Rohan- The fukra and Sahil’s best friend


Well, Rohan’s introduction will be a short one. He hails from Bombay. He wants to be a musician and a standup comedian. He earns and spends all his money in the same breathe. He is always broke. He is always borrowing money from Sahil.

Are you confused how Rohan is a Sqrrler?

Well, because Sahil forces Rohan to use the Sqrrl app to save lump sum amounts whenever Rohan gets a gig! While Rohan may have forgotten, but he actually has INR 73000 invested in his Sqrrl account.

Isn’t that cool? Shh, don’t tell Rohan 🤫




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