Why ELSS is the best way to save income tax

There are more than one ways to save tax!

Below are the various tax saving options with their respective lock-in periods and annualised historical returns

Investment Lock In Annualised Historical Returns (3yrs)
Tax Saving Funds 3 yrs 12%
Life Insurance 5 yrs 6%
PPF 15 yrs 8%
NSC 5 yrs 8%
Tax Saving FD 5 yrs 9%

Performance of some of the best ELSS funds

Mirae Tax saver Fund - Direct Plan
3 yrs return(%)
IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund - Direct Plan
5yrs return(%)
Axis Long Term Equity Fund - Direct Plan
5 yrs return(%)
ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity Fund - Direct Plan
5 yrs return(%)
* as on 7th Jan 2019

This is what Sqrrl's users say!

Started investing for tax saver mutual funds for Saving Tax. The support team pointed me to the right ELSS mutual funds that helped me claim 80 C benefit. This is the best investment plan app. ~ Akshay Pandya

Best investments app. Saving in a cool new way. Plus the Sqrrl Away feature is awesome. I was looking to do some tax-saving and the Axe Tax service was really helpful. I'm liking it. And thank God they've simplified the selection of mutual funds for me. ~ Archit Kapoor

Was looking for a direct mutual funds app. Was earlier using Scripbox and thought to give Sqrrl a try because the design was interesting. They offer tax saving, SIP and goal based investment options. So far, satisfied with the product. ~ Bharat Padiseth

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