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“Buying a Harley has been my childhood dream”
“I am a music lover, especially EDM. Going to Tomorrowland would be so cool!”
“Retirement planning is a must. I need to ensure that I have enough resources at my disposal even when I am old”

Countless dreams and one life, so plan kya hai?

Sounds filmy but where’s the lie? We dream day in and out. Flying like a bird, taking a cruise, visiting the Swiss Alps, winning an oscar, asking out your crush or buying Mercedes, what is it that you were dreaming of last night? And we don’t mean dreams that you have only when you sleep, we mean all things that you aspire to have in your life – your goals and desires. Dreams are exotic, fancy, imaginative and mind-blowing. Some of them are so magical and fancy that they won’t come to fruition ever or they could if you join acting classes and get launched into movies but, truth to be told, a lot of them aren’t as far fetched as they look. Trust us, buying a Mercedes isn’t as difficult as you might think of it today. All it takes is proper planning and discipline.

Plan Kya Hai?

And oh! How we folks love to plan! After all the dreaming, comes the endless planning. Planning for today, planning for the next day, planning for the weekend. Every dream we hold close to our heart, we run in every direction and want to fulfill it, make it our reality. That’s human, isn’t it? Every time you dream of something, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? We bet it is, “How do I fulfill it?” 

Plan Kya Hai?Going to Sydney, learning to play golf, skiing in the mountains, tasting the best red wine, buying those boots you have always wanted, painting your room lilac, going for a movie every weekend, flying business class, getting a bigger car for the family, learning horse riding, renting a better apartment, buying a mac – thinking about all the good things in life every day is what makes life fun. So, for all your cool dreams and goals – plan kya hai?

We will answer every “plan kya hai?” for you. Since the day we came into being, “plan kya hai?” has been the only question we have wanted to ask people. “No, I can’t buy such an expensive laptop”, “I would not be able to learn to play golf” – only if you had a rupee for every time you tell a “No” to yourself. There is no end to the number of Nos you tell yourself each day! What if you can turn all the Nos into Yeses. Yes, I can and I will fulfill all my dreams. After all, there are so many things to do and such a short life, you can’t get anywhere until you have a proper plan for it. It could be related to loaning money when you need it, getting insurance for future-proofing your family, planning for a foreign trip or saving for a Harley, we will help you in reaching all your goals. Let’s tell you a little bit about how: 

For every urgent and unexpected need – plan kya hai?

Commitments sometimes just pop up out of nowhere. Did your mom ask you to visit her back home with your family which is thousands of kilometers away? Or did the kids ask you to take them for a vacation? Are the credit card interest rates too high or is it a medical emergency? Whatever the need, personal loan options from Sqrrl are going to be your saviour. We offer personal loans at really cool interest rates and allow loan top-ups along the way. Take a loan when needed and pay it in your own sweet time.

No need to rush to the bank and spend hours standing in queues. The process is completely paperless and requires no collateral. The loan amount offered extends upto Rs.25 lakhs. We offer instant approval (under 2 minutes) and quick disbursements. The repayment timeline extends up to 5 years. Our partners offer support at every step and make the process of getting a loan as smooth as possible for you. Thus, the whole process of getting a loan becomes much more convenient. Now, let’s come to the next “plan kya hai?”

Be it taking a trip to Hawaii, buying a Harley or any other dream you wish to fulfill –  plan kya hai?

Be it taking a trip to Hawaii, buying a Harley or any other dream you wish to fulfill -  plan kya hai?SIP! Yes, that’s it, that’s the one way to all your dreams. SIP or Systematic Investment Planning allows you to invest a fixed sum of money at regular intervals in the Mutual Fund scheme of your own choice. In our app, we allow you to set a goal for that. Sounds a bit complex? Let us break it down for you:

  1.  You go to the app and start with setting up a goal.
  2. Call the goal what you want, say, for example, “Vacation to Spain”.
  3. Set the amount of money you want to save along with the perod.

The app will help you invest in the most suitable fund with the best returns so that you reach the stipulated amount faster.

Bazinga! You are now one step closer to your dream. This discipline in regards to saving money will take you a long way in life.

Start your SIP

SIP is a disciplined way to reach your goals

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Families are better together, but life can be unpredictable so in order to ensure their security – plan kya hai?

You love your family just like we love our family (which is our user base by the way). Thus, we advise you to get yourself a term insurance plan. Today is full of opportunities, to do or not do things, so why not make full use of the power of now! Life is tricky and uncertain, most of the time we take it for granted that we will have a joyful tomorrow. Yes, we wish you a joyful tomorrow but as a friend, it is our duty to warn about the uncertainty tomorrow holds. For future days, better or worse, you need to have a plan. It would be a good idea to get your family insured, in case things don’t go as per your original plan. When your “plan kya hai?” lands on insurance, Term insurance schemes are one of the best available options in the market looking from the perspective of tackling uncertainty. 

life can be unpredictable- plan kya hai?Few other benefits of term insurance schemes are:

1. High coverage at low premiums

Term insurance schemes offer a high amount of coverage, upwards of Rs.1 crore. This high amount of coverage is available at a really low fixed premium amount. It is a well-known fact that this amount is especially low if you start early on in life. 

2. Income tax saving

Well, let’s be honest, no one likes paying tons of their hard-earned money in the form of taxes to the government. We all want to save as much tax as possible, and getting a term insurance plan is a great way to start. Under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, you can save as much as Rs.1,50,000. The death benefit paid to your nominee (in case of unfortunate death) is tax-free under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

3. Death Benefit option

Most term insurance plans give a lump sum amount at the time of maturity but there are many plans available that offer the monthly income in excess to the lump sum amount. Some of them offer increasing income in order to tackle inflation. 

Now, once your “plan kya hai?” for insuring and safeguarding your family is sorted, we can jump to the next priority.

For growing your money so that you have enough savings – plan kya hai?

Plan Kya Hai?“Yaar, ghumne chalte hai bahar vacation mein”

“Papa mummy, ko car gift karni hai”

“Ghar bhi toh lena hai!”

For all the dreams above, plan kya hai?

How often do you find yourself in the middle of a similar train of thought? Our guess is all the time, as said above we all love to dream but what next? Where’s the blueprint to all your dreams? Hint, hint: What’s our role in your life? We exist to help you in executing all your dreams. You dream and we plan how we can get you there in the shortest possible time. That’s the drill!

Bank FDs and RDs are the stuff of the past. The minimal return rates are no more attractive which brings us to the point of discussion. Money, when invested, grows. Historical data shows that when invested, money tends to grow over a period through the power of compounding. This means when you invest a certain principal amount, the returns accumulate over a longer period in order to generate a much bigger amount. This is the primary reason why it is a great idea to set a goal in advance.

When it comes to compounding money, the secret factor that works wonders is “Time”. Yes, time does magical things to your money. You just need to be disciplined enough about investing and the rest is good to go.

The future is so much better when planned. Setting a goal means preparing yourself for the future. It could be a customised investing method where you pick a scheme of your choice and invest in it or invest in a fund picked by us. Most of the time people invest in order to accumulate enough capital for later. It could be saving for your retirement, your children’s education or marriage, or an emergency fund. Investing is a great idea to grow your money.

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Invest in the best equity, debt and gold funds

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Saving taxes is a must so – plan kya hai?

For growing your money so that you have enough savings - plan kya hai?

The end of every financial year marks the rush to save tax. The HR manager is after your life for investment proofs, the calculations are a bit too complex and you are confused as to what to do. The biggest challenge is not that people don’t want to save tax; to be honest, most of them want to, after all, nobody likes to see their hard-earned money slip by. The challenge is that they don’t know how! The “how” is the biggest challenge here.

The Income Tax act of 1961, specifies all the sections that help in saving income tax. All the technical bits aside, you can invest upto Rs.1,50,000 tax every year by investing money in ELSS, EPF, PPF, etc. Apart from this, tax deductions can be claimed on charitable contributions and donations. We help you in saving taxes through one of our offerings called “Axe Tax”. Saving taxes is a must so - plan kya hai?With Axe Tax you can invest in the best ELSS funds, which have the lowest lock-in period in comparison with all other tax-saving instruments. This can help you in saving upto Rs.46,800 tax in no time. Along with that, you get an investment proof to show to the HR in 24 hours so it’s a win-win!  

Save Tax

Save upto Rs. 46,800 by investing in the best ELSS funds

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Why stop at hundred when you can make it thousand? Sqrrl has got thousand plans for your thousand dreams. Finally, about joining 8,00,000+ customers for smooth money management daily – uska plan kya hai?

Download Sqrrl now for developing an effortless relationship with your money!


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