? Cool Title, but what’s the news?

Fake vouchers of popular brands are being shared on WhatsApp where users are redirected to websites seeking personal information, which is later used to dupe them in phishing scams.


? Okay, but what does it mean?

A cyber police officer called this indulgence ‘website spoofing’. It means that you create a website that looks quite similar to the website of the company that ensures people don’t get suspicious. “There is a small change in the web address of the links, which a normal person will not notice,” the officer added.


? Why should I care?

The police said at least three such cases have been registered over the past year, where people were allegedly duped on the pretext of free goodies from popular brands.

Ensure that you do not click on such links without verifying the authenticity of the offer!

And again make sure to check the url before you submit your sensitive information. As a rule, don’t submit your bank details anywhere unless you’ve verified that the gateway is secure. And don’t fall for such offer scams, specially WhatsApp offers, use your common sense.


Source: IndianExpress

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