ONAD-Equity mutual funds log ₹12,400 crore inflow in April

? Cool Title, but what’s the news?

Investors have pumped in a staggering over ₹12,400 crore in Equity mutual funds in April, driving the assets under management to a record ₹8 trillion.

? Okay, but what does it mean?

The strong inflow of Equity Mutual Funds logging in ₹12,400 crore in April has pushed the asset base of Equity Mutual Funds (MFs) by more than 6% to  ₹8 trillion at the end of April from ₹7.5 trillion in the preceding month. The assets base of the Mutual Funds industry in total has increased to ₹23.25 trillion from ₹21.36 trillion.

? Why should I care?  

The correction that the market saw during the month of March seems to have worked in favour of the Mutual Funds industry in general. Equity Mutual Funds are seen as long term investment options. If you are an investor, doesn’t matter current or prospective, right now might be really good time to get on the equity wagon, since Equity Mutual Funds are proven to be better investment options.

Source: Mint