When we launched our first version in 2017, we had only one aspiration – To simplify your relationship with money. After all, money and financial services take pride in complicating everything, right from product to communications. As a small team, we wanted to make financial management effortless across Indian households and make the dreams of all Indians a reality. We came dressed up every morning to our office, with the sole motivation of helping you in dealing with money. To get you started in the right direction, we started by asking you really simple questions:

“Want to buy a big house for the family, toh plan kya hai?”

“How about finally taking that dream trip Swiss Alps, so plan kya hai?”

“You need to protect your family against all uncertainties, for that plan kya hai?”

By asking “Plan Kya Hai?”, we were urging people to think, to take charge of money matters. We were nudging them start savings, to start investing by setting up goals, starting SIPs, saving tax and so on. Since then, we have come a long way. After accumulating tons of feedback from meet-ups, conferences and one on one customer support sessions, we have been growing gradually. We don’t believe in measuring our success in terms of numbers or how much money we manage to make but by assessing how many people have we been able to help in achieving their plans?

Since the first version came into being, we have launched two more versions, with improved features, designs and additional product offerings. Recently, we started offering personal loans as well.

All this while – YOU, have been incredibly supportive of us! We are nothing but grateful for the love and response we have received. On that note, today we come to you with some news to share. It will be a small silver lining during these globally difficult times.

Sqrrl V4 – Redesigned Interface For Great User Experience

Sqrrl is growing! Yes, our Sqrrl is turning bigger and better this year. We are launching our very latest and the BEST version yet, on 27th May 2020. This will be the fourth version of our app or “V4” as we call it. This new version of the app will have multiple fresh alterations and additions.

1.  Joy Of BundlingBundles- New Sqrrl

The new interface allows you to explore SIP, Goals and savings sections together in the form of well-structured bundles. It helps in easy understanding of our products as well as a smoother journey.

2. Gaining Financial Knowledge

Financial content - New Sqrrl

Reading the right kind of content will give you a head start in the field of finance. Based on feedback from the past 3 years, we have introduced an investor education section in the app where the user can learn and read expert-curated content, around everyday finance and markets.

3. Convenient Payment Flow

Payment flow - New Sqrrl

We will now recommend you the fastest and the best payment options. Payment steps have been kept to a minimum in order to smoothen the whole process.

4. Hotshot Recommendations

Expert Recommendations - New Sqrrl

Need hand-holding in the beginning? We have got you! We offer expert insights and analysis that will help you in dealing with financial problems in no time at all.

5. Thumb-Friendly Approach

Thumb-friendly - New Sqrrl

Phone screens are getting bigger every day but your hands aren’t. While keeping in mind your physical convenience, we have accumulated the most eminent features and buttons within the reach of your thumb.

In addition to all this, we have added a new pricing scheme for all our customers.

Introducing a New Pricing Scheme

Building a product which aligns effortlessly with the needs of the customer is our primary task. We are often asked, “How does your company make money?” and “ Do you have a hidden fee that you charge from customers when they transact?”. To answer the questions above we will say – No. We believe in bringing transparency to our customers and with V4, we have started a new chapter altogether.

For smoothing the investment process between the customer and AMC, we have decided to introduce a small Platform advisory fees of Rs. 30 (including the GST) on every transaction.

In case you purchase regular mutual funds, you end up paying an in-build hidden commission charge to the distributor which could be as high as 1-2%. Sqrrl, on the other hand, offers you Direct plans, which do not carry this hidden distribution charge. In simple words. it means that your money grows faster with us. This fees, you would appreciate, is a very small cost for the host of services and conveniences that we provide to you. These charges will also help us in reducing some of the verification, validation and transaction charges that we bear on account of providing these services to you. 

Get a Subscription Plan

We will be introducing a subscription plan very soon for the convenience of our users. Stay tuned for the updates.

Small Present For Your Presence

We have a small gift for you. Since you all have been our support system for long, we wanted to make the transition smooth for you. In light of that, we will offer you a Free Charge ride till 1st July 2020. This is a small token of our gratitude and appreciation. Really, we are so thankful to you! Currently, the market is offering funds at their lowest prices in years. It would be a great idea to capitalise on that and plan investments at these low levels such that you can gain handsomely when things recover.

Sqrrl Away Remains Free

Investing spare charge daily and earning returns on the smallest amount of money you spend is a blessing. Sqrrl Away is our hero – you can withdraw money from liquid funds anytime you want while earning great returns. In lieu of the uniqueness and the simplicity of the offering, we are happy to share that there will be no charges put on Sqrrl Away transactions. 


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