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Quite a few people in today’s India are scared with the term ‘savings’. And surprisingly quite a few of Sqrrl’s first few members started out thinking that saving money can never be easy. But along this small journey that they’ve had with Sqrrl, and as they have got a better understanding of how we work, they’ve took the time and effort to tell us that they recognise what Sqrrl does by automating savings for them is something that they’ve been yearning for a while.

And it takes such little effort!

Now, once YOU get an understanding of how Sqrrl works, and the kind of role it can play in helping you save, you’ll realise that the traditional way people save money is quickly fading out!

For any and everyone, there are plenty of ways you can save up money:

  1. Save in a piggy bank
  2. Save with a bank saving account
  3. Investments in funds


There’s one better that combines the benefits of all these three options

4. Get squirrelling with Sqrrl Away

As more and more people take the much needed plunge to start planning for the future by starting their savings, it became extremely clear to us at Sqrrl how complicated the process is. And with all of the first three options presenting individual complications, a new way out was needed to bring back the zest that is required to help people save.

Why it’s different

Sqrrl Away was designed to be a fun way to help people save their spare cash, and the key ingredient to actually make savings fun was to automate the entire process. While we know that saving is a thing you can do on your own, our value comes from the fact that most people even with all the desire to save their spare cash, find it a difficult process.

Setup an account in 2 minutes

Sqrrl away takes multiple steps that one might generally go through when they want to start saving. Going through the tedious task of opening a bank account is nullified here because Sqrrl Away can instantly connect to your existing bank account in as little taps on your mobile screen as possible. What’s more is that the rate of interest is almost the double of what you would get in a traditional bank account.

The right options, handpicked for YOU!

The other alternative that is getting really popular these days is investing in mutual funds to help your money grow. But the problem with these funds is that there are too many options to choose from. A normal person would have to invest a lot of time to figure out what works for them. This prompted us to build an extremely efficient system that is dedicated to pick the right fund for you based upon your needs so you don’t have to make the effort, and can start saving instantly.

And there’s a bonus

The other aded bonus that a Sqrrl away account gives you is something that really trumps a bank account. It allows you to have unlimited instant withdraws (upto a limit of 50,000/transaction), so your money truly is at your disposal whenever you need it.

And this is just the start of what we hope will be a very long and fruitful journey that gets more and more people to share our vision of helping young India save.

If you haven’t already, download the app by clicking the link here.

Here’s to more savings!


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