This mother's day give her the gift she will remember forever

Do you go to a job?
Do you run a business of your own?

It’s immaterial if you are self employed or working for someone – we are sure that once in a while you feel like taking a leave. Maybe when work gets too busy, you feel like taking a little break, spending the day pursuing your hobbies – writing, gardening, playing golf, basically doing anything that breaks the routine.

Now, we have a small question for you: How would you feel about a full-time job? And by that we mean, a job that goes on for 24 hours and 365 days till the end of your life?

Do you feel a bit hesitant, perhaps scared? Who can do that, right? And if someone can then that person surely would be the greatest of all! After all, that commitment, that dedication, and that passion, sounds like the work of the divine, a power greater than the universe maybe?

Well, such is the role of a MOTHER. Her entire being is such that she never tires of doing her job any time. Even when she does, she rarely shows it – all the endless love for the kids and the family is a daily part of her work. 

Terrific? Fantastic? Devoted? Nurturing? Loving? – and all the similar adjectives fit her description. All mothers are superwomen and it’s time to celebrate the beauty of all that your mother is! Wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day. Every year, we dedicate the second Sunday of May to celebrate the joys of motherhood. The gesture is sweet, after all, all mothers get a day of relaxing, maybe going to the salon, or a shopping spree? Maybe, you make her dinner and get ice cream, or do something else that makes her happy. Whatever you do, the bottom line is that you try to make the day as grand as possible for her. 

Your mum must have appreciated the gesture but what if you want to do something bigger than that? What if you want her to know that your love for her is not limited to just one fancy day?

Everyday is Mother’s Day

Everyday is Mother’s Day

You should let your mother know that the way she takes care of you daily, in the same way, you also celebrate her being everyday. Her mere existence made way for your existence in this world and for you, everyday is like Mother’s Day. Let her know that her values and teachings live in your heart daily, and at the end of the day, she has “always been right” about most of the things. This Mother’s day, give your mother something bigger than materialistic gifts: 

Give her the Gift of a Good Habit

Give her the Gift of a Good Habit

What do mothers like more than anything in the world? You know the answer to this already!

It’s when their children build good habits, and become responsible adults. That’s when she feels like she has done a good job at raising you. Remember, when you were little and she would give you a little “chillar” to put in your piggy bank? or the time when she would send you out to get some small grocery item, and then, let you keep the “chutta paisa” to get toffees and to put the rest in your piggy bank?

She always wanted you to save the extra money so that you could buy yourself something nice later on but as you grow up you realise the larger implications of it. She wanted to inculcate in you the habit of saving by giving spare change here and there. 

Keeping in mind the power of spare change, we created a whole offering around saving spare change and further investing it! Every time you spend a little money on daily coffee at Starbucks or a burger meal at Burger King (BK), the amount of money gets rounded off to the nearest Rs.100 or 500 (as per your preference) and gets invested in Liquid funds. Say, you buy a meal at BK for Rs.151 and give your card for payment to the cashier. In this case, the amount is rounded off to the nearest hundred (or five hundred) and the remaining amount, Rs.49 gets invested. This also means, that you can invest as less as Re.1 in the market, ensuring that all your spare change is put to the best use. 

We tend to underestimate the power of spare change in our daily lives but as the famous saying goes, “Small drops together, make the ocean.” Investments in liquid funds offer you over 7% return rate which means that the money you save daily, the underestimated “chutta paisa”, is actually growing with time. Bonus is that you can withdraw it anytime you want as if it’s right there in your wallet! Sqrrl Away will help you build a habit of saving daily in real life and make your mummy proud of you. After all, you just gave her the gift she has always wanted. 

Celebrate mother’s day everyday by saving and investing daily with Sqrrl Away. Give your mother the gift she will remember forever.

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