sqrrl-6 tips-to save money on home rennovation

Home Renovation can do wonders for your lifestyle but it can burn a hole in your pocket too. If budget is the thing that is holding you back from transforming your abode, then you are at the right place!

We know how to make it a new place with adding small elements by spending just peanuts on it. With putting in some strategic thinking and exploring various options, you will be able to cut the costs without cutting on your wishes.

Keep reading to know how to renovate your house to Bring Your Own Dreams and save your money as well along with it.



Analyse what items you have in hand and can be used somewhere else to create a new element. For instance, if you do not want that old wooden chair anymore, just alter the chair and use the wood to make shelves, a little stool or maybe a rack. Get some paints, draw some colourful patterns on it according to your likes and voila! You have a new item in your home by spending less than half the amount that would have been spent on a new one. You will definitely save money by using this technique of reuse.  

Shop Local

If reuse is will not fulfill your requirement and you have to buy something new, then Shop at local stores instead of those high-end interior designing outlets and chains. There is a pretty chance of finding some amazing and fresh designs of a variety of stuff at the local stores for half of the price or maybe even less. Doing this you will be left with enough money to Save Invest Prosper.   

Do-It-Yourself Home Renovation

The internet is full of DIYs and innovative ideas to make the best of things with the lowest costs. DIY requires some necessary skills and basic tools, however, other than that, it is super easy to do and you will get the chance to make elements for your house just the way you want by spending less than what you would’ve done otherwise. So, start searching the web for amazing ideas, guides, and resources.

Long Term Choices

Think long term to save money while making changes and refurbishing your house. Long term items include energy efficient technologies like solar panels, Quality Insulation, LED Lights, Rainwater Tanks and more. Investing in such ideas will help you save money in the long run since you wouldn’t have to splurge on maintenance again and again.  

Cheaper Substitutes

Did you see an amazing showpiece in a super expensive store and few days after that; you saw the same design in a local store? That happens a lot. The local stores tend to get inspired by the high-end brands and make look alike. They are way cheaper than the authentic ones and will let you Bring Your Own Dreams at a lesser price.


Don’t want that coffee table because you had them for eternity? Sell it. There are plenty of online platforms that let you sell second-hand stuff. Upload the images of the stuff you don’t want and which can be sold. Get a great deal out of them and utilise that money in getting new stuff, but sensibly.


Go on readers, Bring Your Own Dreams by spending little and saving more. We are quite sure that these ideas will help you Save & Earn. Now, you don’t need to leave your ideas of home renovation linger because of budget constraints. Use some or all of these ideas all together to actually save a lot and refurbish your house at the same time.

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