? Cool Title, but what’s the news?

The CEO at mutual fund research firm Value Research, Dhirendra Kumar, the current market state is the perfect time of opportunistic investors to start investing.

? Okay, but what does it mean?

As market sentiment turns weak, “the other side of the market, the opportunistic investor, who have stayed away from the market all this while, may find attractive opportunities,” he said.

? Why should I care?

Kumar says experienced investors should not get unnerved by the ongoing volatility. He advised investors to go for one or two multicap funds. Conservative investors, on the other hand, should look to add equity income funds, he said. For those, who are inexperienced or are yet to get their hands on mutual fund investing, should consider balanced funds, which invest two-third of the corpus in equity and one-third debt. Visit the source link below to know more. Source: Economic Times
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