sqrrl-How to get access to high end airport lounges

Have you always dreamt of wanting to enjoy the services offered at airport lounges? You may have a picture of expensive food and drinks, Wi-Fi of excellent speeds and a lot more when you think of airport lounges. Actually it has a lot more than these. You might have passed through this beautiful world. So, how can one get access to the services available here? Just take a deep breath and read the rest of this post to know about various ways of getting the access in the cheapest way possible.

Purchase a day pass or apply for an annual membership:

While an annual membership plan costs a lot but a day’s pass will be much more cheaper when it comes to utility; either one of these can be purchased before you travel. Various airlines offer varied prices and try to choose the one that can be affordable by you. Before you apply for any program, go through it completely and also compare it with other airlines’ programs to know the best of all.

Avail deals with travel rewards credit card:

Travel rewards card is widely used by a lot of people who travel through airplanes. It offers lounge access as a perk once you sign up as a member of this card.  Try to buy a card that offers lounge access as one of its perks; and there are a lot of other reimbursements and benefits that you get with these cards. 

Frequent flyer points:

This involves collecting points based on the number of miles you have travelled and also your elite status. There are various discounts available differing with the frequent flyer points. Whenever you book the flight, make sure you enter the frequent flyer number correctly. If you have an elite status, then you may get lounge access as a perk. If you are not of elite status, then you can get it with an annual fly of 50 times.

Knowing a friend or relative at airport might help:

Sometimes, when you are flying for a honeymoon or on some special occasion, try asking in a tricky way if they could fetch you a couple of free lounge passes. It may not work but what is wrong in trying or else if you know some person either friend or relative at the airport, he/she can be of help in providing you with a free access to airport lounge.

Thorough review of all airport lounges and also alternatives to it:

It is good to know prior to travelling regarding all the airport lounges and facilities offered. In case you cannot afford to buy a free lounge access, then try for an alternative like a comfortable place with good facilities to stay. There are resting places available at various airports that match the facilities provided by the high-end airport lounges. Choose the best among them and enjoy your stay there.

Now that you've saved all that money, what are you going to do with it? 

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