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Your Cupboard Needs Space



The Waiting Period

We always tend to find something we HAVE to have. And then you see the price tag and it’s way more than you should be spending. Here’s what we advise – take a deep breath, walk away and wait for a month. There are two fairly safe possibilities if you do this. Either you’ll forget about it or the price for the thing you loved is likely to drop. Either way, you’ll have money in your pocket for longer.


Pay with Cash

It’s cash over card. Because it helps you keep tab and makes you more conscious about what you’re spending on and how much!


The Online Hunt

Chances are the same piece you’ve seen in a store is available online for much cheaper. Always do that homework before you buy a piece. Chances are you will save a substantial amount over time because of this one smart move.


Host Swap Parties

It’s a new concept but a fairly thrifty one. Have friends and their friends over whose style you like. The idea is to also bring clothes, shoes and accessories that haven’t been used often and everyone swaps for something they like. This way you go home with something new without spending!

Buy Things That Fit

We’ve all been there. We buy things with the expectation that seeing that in our wardrobe will motivate us to lose weight. It’s silly is what it is. It’s more likely it will be out of style by the time you lose enough weight to fit into that piece of clothing. So be smart and save the money for something that fits you now and you can alter later.


Sell Your Clothes

Yep, that’s actually an option now. With groups such as Upcycle on Facebook now, it’s a great way to get rid of clothes in good condition while making money of it. Of course you’ll have to sell at a fraction of the price you got it at but it’s still a great way to make money of clothes you no longer wear and can use to buy stuff you want to.


There are many more ideas up our sleeve on how the millennial can save money on fashion but we’ll ebb the flow here! Season’s greetings and we hope you liked a tip or two! Saving isn’t really as tough as it’s made out to be and this is the wisdom we’re hoping to share!



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