Dear brothers,

We know you love your sister. After all, this is a bond that needs to be cherished through life. And what better way than celebrating this joyful festival by giving her NOTHING.

So it is that time again when every year you haphazardly scroll across e-commerce stores, browsing and ready to spend your money for something amazing to gift to your sister. Maybe you’ve already planned & figured out a gift that’d make her jump in all excitement. Or maybe you’re still deciding. 

And it’s not your fault either, every one makes to capitalise the festive season, there are exclusive merchandise and gifts available all around you.

But, wait. 

We have something very different that we want to tell you. 

We request you that you DON’T get anything for your beloved sister this Rakshabandhan, not from an online store, not from an offline store. No, we’re not saying don’t give her anything. In fact we want you to give her something she desperately needs, but unfortunately no one can sell it.

This Rakshabandha, we want to give her a sense of safety, a sense of security. We want you to give her the confidence that she can do whatever she wants to do; wear the clothes she likes, study what she wants to, and live the way she feels happy to. Make her believe that you will stand by her to fight back the eve-teasers and anyone that undermines her and makes her feel any less equal than a man.

And yes, she might need that jewellery you bought for her, or that new phone, but this is not the day for them. In fact, we want you to start saving already and gift them a better, newer version  of the gift you bought next Rakshabandan.


Today we want you to give her a world that sees her as equal and as powerful than any other man, gift her a a world where your sister is empowered. But, you can’t only gift this empowered gift to your sister; rather vow to gift this to all women in the world. This is the best gift you can give them this Rakhi.

Happy Rakshabandhan!


“Though small was your allowance, you saved a little store, and those who save a little shall get a plenty more.” On this savings note, we wish you a happy and a prosperous Rakshabandhan.

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