What is digital gold
What is digital gold?

This Diwali, add glitter to your portfolio, buy Gold. But wait, does buying Gold require a lot of money ? Imagine walking into a Gold showroom and asking the shopkeeper for gold for INR 1? We are sure you are imagining the whole store laughing at the request. Well this isn’t a joke. You can really get gold for as low as INR 1. How? With Augmont digital gold!

What is digital gold?

It is a method of virtually buying and investing in gold. In this method you do not have to physically hold the gold. 

Is digital gold safe?

The gold is sold by government-licensed agencies and is also 100% insured. For example, the gold bought from Augmont is stored safely in the vault of Sequel, the service which is utilized by various banks in India and also by various Asset Management Companies (AMCs) for their Gold-ETFs. The physical Gold/Silver stored in the vault is also covered by insurance.  The money you invest is safe and is highly liquid. It can easily be bought or sold at any time.

What are the benefits of investing in digital gold?

  • No Hassle of Storing – There is no hassle of storing the gold as in case of physical gold. Your gold is stored in safe vaults and is also insured. 
  • Investments as Low As INR 1 – You do not have to worry about accumulating a sum of money before you can invest it in gold. It can be bought for as low as INR 1. You can very easily keep investing your spare change little by little in digital gold. 
  • Genuine – The digital gold bought is of the highest purity. For example Augmont, through its online platform, offers 24 carat 999 Gold.
  • Can be exchanged for Physical Gold – You can get your gold in physical form too delivered right at your doorstep. So at any time if you wish to convert your investment in digital gold to physical one, it’s just a few clicks away. 

Why Augmont ?

Augmont is India’s leading state-of-the-art Gold and Silver refinery. It also operates the SPOT (Spot Precious-Metals Online Trading) platform across India. Augmont also operates the Gold For All platform which integrates the entire lifecycle of Gold for a one-stop solution for retail customers.

 Now you can easily buy Digital Gold from Augmont = Visit the app now and explore!


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