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An average person touches their face at least 23 times/hour; washes his/her hands less than 5 times/day; and has the potential of infecting anywhere between 2 to 4 people if tested positive for Coronavirus. 

While the above mentioned details may be ambiguous, the fact remains that Coronavirus has the world under its grip. There is fear, confusion, and anticipation in everyone’s minds. We are all constantly looking for more information on the virus. At Sqrrl, we took it upon ourselves to write a comprehensive guide with live updates & best tips on coronavirus survival.

Let’s begin with the live updates: 


Coronavirus India Live updates: first case of coronavirus in Indian Army, one more tested positive in Maharashtra

Two tested positive are relatives of the earlier positive cases and were under quarantine. The Indian industry in the UK has welcomed the “unprecedented” rescue package unveiled by Britain’s Indian-origin Finance Minister Rishi Sunak to help businesses in Britain combat the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


10 tips to stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak: 

1. Do not use cash/card. Use digital money through apps such as GooglePay or Paytm as much as possible. 

2. For your money needs, do not visit banks. Instead, try the Sqrrl app.

3.Don’t eat packaged goods when away from home. Even if you wash your hands, you will still touch the packet and that can be risky. It is best to buy; open the packet at home; empty it in a sanitized bowl; wash your hands; and then eat. We know it sounds tedious, but it will go a long way in helping you stay safe and protected.

4. Don’t share hand towels/clothes/soaps when at home. In India, we are especially used to sharing all our common household items and that is hazardous as it may transfer coronavirus from one family member to another.

5. Using hand sanitizer without fail. Please note that your hand sanitizer must have 70% or more alcohol content in it. Here is a really cool DIY hand sanitizer recipe:

*DIY HAND SANITIZER RECIPE* . The best saving tip that we can give you right is now is a make at home hand sanitizer recipe! Stay safe from the #corona virus . . INGREDIENTS: . 1/4 cup pure #aloevera gel 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol . 1 tbsp #nourishingoil such as #almondoil 15 drops of essential oils like #lavender . . HOW TO MAKE: . Mix all the ingredients together. Adjust the alcohol based on the required consistency. Shake well before every use! . recipe inspired by @melissamaker . #corona #coronavirus #covid2019 #safetyfirst #handsanitizer #washyourhands #save #savingstips #moneysavingtips

17 Likes, 1 Comments – Sqrrl: Saving & Investment App (@sqrrlaway) on Instagram: “*DIY HAND SANITIZER RECIPE* . The best saving tip that we can give you right is now is a make at…”

6. Wipe your phone screen/laptop keyboard frequently with sanitizers. Also, get covers/cases for your gadgets if you don’t have them already. 

7. Train your househelp to take all necessary precautions against corona. For eg., washing hands with soap before washing utensils or cooking food.

8. Avoid sitting in a room with more than 3 people at once.

9. Use sanitizer even while cleaning floors. Also, wipe your door knobs/handles two times a day with sanitizers.

10. If you are taking the risk of venturing out of your house, please make sure you are wearing a mask and avoid touching any surfaces.

Here is a live thread of survival tips by us on Twitter. If you have any tips, do go ahead and share them with us here!

5 ways to stay busy while stuck at home/woking from home/ quarantined due to coronavirus

If you are in self-quarantine, do not make the mistake of considering it a vacation. Do not step out of your home to shop, to visit a salon, or any other place of mass gathering. You should also avoid taking at-home services because the service providers could also be carriers of the COVID-19. 

Here are some interesting ways to stay productive & make the best of your self-quarantine period while at home: 

#1: Update your skills- We recommend you take up an online course to expand your skill set. You can do courses in your area of interest via companies such as  Upgrad, Udemy, and Coursera. The best part about these courses is that you can do them at your own pace and complete a month-long course in 15 days or less. 

#2: Learn the basics of personal finance and money management:  Most of us always use ‘no-time’ as an excuse to avoid learning the basics of money management. Sqrrl has come up with a 10 mins crash course for personal finance. It has 4-interactive video lessons of 3 mins each. By the time you are done with the course, you will be able to identify your financial persona and handle your money better! Here is a snippet of it:

Money & Finance 10 Mins Video Crash Course by Sqrrl : Basics of personal finance (Bonus Financial Terms Dictionary) – Sqrrl

Are you getting a good salary, but never seem to have anything left by month-end? Do you keep running out of pocket money before time? Is your business doing well, but your personal income never enough? You need to learn personal finance & money management.

#3: Catch up with friends, cousins, relatives over phone :   You have been given the gift of time. Utilize it to catch up with friends & family. It is the best way stay safe while also having some fun. 

#4: Read books: We know we have been complaining about not having enough time to read for years now! The coronavirus self-quarantine is the best way to curl up in bed and read some of your favorite books. One word of caution: Don’t buy new books at the moment. Read the online versions instead 🙂

#5: Sort out your investments & savings: We recommend you download the Sqrrl app to learn how to make the best investments. You can create several goals or even do lumpsum investments. The app will also help you learn about types of investment options available based on how aggressive your goals are. We also wrote a blog recently on INVESTMENTS DURING THE TIMES OF CORONAVIRUS


SOS ALERT by Goolge


Coronavirus Q&A by WHO:

Coronavirus Advisory Issued by Govt. of India:


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