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Fixed Deposit (FD): Taxes Explained

Fixed Deposit or FD, is a popular investment instrument that requires you to deposit a lump sum amount at a fixed interest....
How to Open a Recurring Deposit Account

How to Open Recurring Deposit Account?

Recurring Deposit, often called RD, is a great investment option offered by banks, NBFCs, and post offices in India that allows you...

FD vs RD: In-depth comparison

In FD, you deposit the money in one go whereas in RD you deposit in small amount over time. But this is not the only difference in FD vs RD
FD vs Debit Fund

Fixed Deposits(FD) vs Debt Mutual Funds: What is better?

One of the most frequently asked questions by investors is: Which is a better investment option - Fixed Deposits or Debt Funds?
Biggest money mistakes people make during a crisis

Biggest Money Mistakes People Make During a Crisis

"Losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis." - C.J. Redwine Today, the whole world stands fighting...
FD Calculator

FD Calculator – Calculate Fixed Deposit Amount using FD interest rates

  Online Fixed Deposit Calculator (FD Calculator) A FD calculator is used to calculate the maturity amount if you deposit your money in a...
EPF or Employees’ Provident Fund - The Complete Guide

Employees’ Provident Fund Or EPF – The Complete Guide

Whenever you join a new workplace, PF or Provident Fund is a common topic that comes up during interviews. Your in-hand salary...
Pros And Cons Of Spare Change Investing With Sqrrl

Pros And Cons Of Spare Change Investing With Sqrrl

  Remember, when you were small and your mom would give you a few coins here and there? That was the "chillar" you...
What To Do When You Lose Your Job? 3 Ways To Manage Job Loss During Coronavirus

What To Do When You Lose Your Job? 3 Ways To Manage Job Loss...

COVID-19 crisis caught the whole world off-guard.Economic transactions have been severely impacted almost falling to zero for big MNCs.Thousands of Swiggy, Ola...
What are Gold Mutual Funds_ Best Perfoming Gold Funds 2020

Why should you invest Gold Mutual Funds? Best Performing Gold Funds 2020

Gold - One word and you start imagining an asset that is unique, reliable and precious! Gold is one of the few...

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