Investment is a very tricky subject owing to various instruments available in the market today. You could either invest in shares or go for mutual funds investment, it is totally your call. However, we would be a little biased and tell you that as a beginner, who is looking out for a stable option to invest their hard earned money in, mutual funds investment would be a better and definitely a safer choice. Mutual Funds sahi hai!  

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SIP vs Lumpsum

SIP V/S LUMPSUM – What to choose?

Mutual funds are the best way to invest your money if you want your money handled by experts but do not have the resources...
Top 5 Mistakes Made By New Investors

Top 5 Investing Mistakes Made By New Investors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Sqrrl’s shift from Advisory to Distribution Model

With our shift from a Advisory to Distribution model, we are sure you will have a lot of questions. Here we have complied a...
financial tips for young adults

Financial Tips For Young Adults

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How to build and ideal portfolio

How To Build An Ideal Portfolio

Many say that there is no such thing as the perfect portfolio and that is true to a great extent. This is true because...
top financial new year's resolution for 2022

Financial New Year’s Resolution for 2022

We wish you a very happy new year! The new year brings with it numerous opportunities. Opportunities to better yourself. Many of us turn...
Best Last Minute Secret Santa Gift

Best Last Minute Secret Santa Gift!

Christmas is here and so is the season of celebration and joy! While most of us are enjoying ourselves, some are in a rush...
All You Need To Know About filing ITR

Beginner’s Guide To ITR Filing – All You Need To Know

The government of India has announced 31st December 2021 as the last date to file your Tax Returns for AY 2021-22. With the due...

The 10 Documents You Need to File Your Income Tax Returns (ITR)

People who file their Income Tax Returns (ITR) on their own, doesn't matter how much adept they're at the process, always have one question...

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