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You must have seen many ads/experts telling you that ‘mutual funds sahi hai’. Well, with the Sqrrl app, ‘mutual funds EASY hai’.  The many unique features and a user-friendly approach makes Sqrrl the best mutual funds online investment app. 

#1: Paperless registration process 

The Sqrrl app offers a 100% online experience to its users. Follow these steps to start investing in mutual funds online in just 5 mins. 

Download –> Signup using OTP–> Complete online KYC–> Start investing

#2: Automatic mutual funds investment portfolio creation 

You can select what you are saving for and how much risk you want to take. Based on these inputs, the Sqrrl app will use its intelligent algorithms and create a customised investment portfolio for you.

You can read more about automated investing and the Sqrrl app here: Automated Goal-Based Investing FAQs

#3: Native language support 

Sqrrl supports more than 9 local languages including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Malayalam. You can use the app in a language of your preference. 

best mutual fund app online


#4: No commissions for investing in mutual funds online

Sqrrl app does not charge any commission/brokerage for investing in mutual funds. Through the Sqrrl app, your money will be invested in direct funds. The direct plan of mutual funds gives higher returns than the regular plans as they do not include broker fees. Additionally, the returns keep compounding. Watch this video to know more about how you can buy direct plans of mutual funds online through Sqrrl: 

#5: Online SIP investment in mutual funds directly 

Through the Sqrrl app, you can directly start a Systematic Investment Plan within just 1 minute. You can check out this really smooth SIP calculator here on our website to start your online SIP with Sqrrl:

best mutual fund online


#6: 100 % Secure mutual funds online investment

The money that you invest in the Sqrrl app is directly invested with an AMC regulated by SEBI. It never even touches the Sqrrl Bank account. The details of the transactions are always made known to you at every step of the process.

best mutual funds app online

If you have any more questions about the Sqrrl app, please write to us at

To download & use the Sqrrl app, CLICK HERE 



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