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Reliance Liquid Funds 2018 is best liquid fund with instant redemption

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best liquid fund with instant redemption

Reliance Liquid Fund- Treasury Plan

Fund Manager

Ms. Anju Chhajer 

Ms. Anju Chhajer is a Debt Fund Manager at Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited since October 2007. Ms. Chhajer manages investments for debt schemes at the firm. She has a B.Com. Degree, from Shib Nath Shastri College Kolkata.

She also manages 10 open-ended schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund .

Type of Fund

Liquid Fund (read more on types of mutual funds here)

While there are several liquid funds available for you to invest in, Reliance Liquid Fund- Treasury Plan comes in the top 5 liquid funds in terms of performance and consistency of returns.

Details about the Fund

Minimum Investment
Rs 100, and in multiples of Re 1 thereafter.

Load Details

Entry load: Not Applicable
Exit Load: Nil

Suitable For
Several people are confused when it comes to liquid funds vs fixed deposits. The Reliance Liquid Fund- Treasury Plan is suitable for investors who seek to earn an income over the short-term, and/or want to make an investment in debt and money market instruments.

And while liquid funds and fixed deposits offer similar returns, the lock-in period and the exit charges on fixed deposits are not suitable for people who want to make an income over a short period of time.

Risk Level: Low Risk

best liquid fund with instant redemption

Why it’s the best liquid fund? 

1. Instant Redemption
Liquid funds will give you money in a matter of minutes, with the help of technology. However, SEBI has capped the instant redemption limit to Rs 50,000 a day or 90% of your folio’s value, whichever is lower. Anything over and under this limit will be credited in one business day.

2. Low Risk
You can reasonably expect your liquid funds to give you around 6-7% returns in a year at a low amount of risk involved. 

3. Low Investment Amount
The minimum investment amount of Rs 100 allows for even the most cautious of people to take a taste of investment in mutual funds.

That’s why we call it the best liquid fund with instant redemption.

best liquid fund with instant redemption

best liquid fund with instant redemption

best liquid fund with instant redemption

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