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We recently had the chance to have a conversation with one of India’s 12 Ultraman Finishers, Abhishek Mishra!

As part of our ongoing chatter series, where we chat with personalities who’ve happened to make their plans in life a reality, we present to you the 2nd part of conversation with Abhishek Mishra.

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Some facts about his journey:

  1. He quit his MNC job to start his journey in fitness & endurance sports.
  2. He now has his own company for which he has raised funds.
  3. He is one of only 12 Indians to complete Ultraman Endurance Sports Triathlon.
  4. He plans to complete all 40 Ironman Triathlons by 2020.
  5. He’s also written a book about his journey called ‘Run to Realise’

But that’s just a snippet of his journey. There are much more aspects to his incredible life that he’s shared in an exclusive chat with our co-founder, Samant Sikka.

You can catch both Part 1 & Part 2 of the interview with him here.

Watch Part 1 Here

Watch Part 2 Here

The Key takeaways from Abhishek Mishra’s experience & journey are,

  • You should yearn for having something like a ‘me time’ that makes you think and focus.
  • It’s never too late to start focusing on your goals and achievements in your life.
  • Fitness is a state of mind, and one should aim to achieve it.
  • Failures in life don’t make you a loser. They are only stumbling blocks to your success.
  • Surround yourself with people who can motivate you to achieve more.
  • Not every big decision should be looked from only a happiness standpoint. (for eg. his MNC job that he quit to focus on his passion)
  • Your passion & happiness are the two most important things for your health & happiness.

We’d love it if you could comment down below on our article or on the videos. We’d love to know if you have your very own experience or inspiration to share.

Also, let us know which other types of personality you would like us to interview in the future. Checkout the other interviews in our Chatting With Series.

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