Santa Claus Christmas

The best word to describe Christmas would not be presents but actually “Anticipation”. If you try to think about it, the whole Christmas festival is an anticipatory build-up to gifts. And this anticipation finally leads us to the present from our beloved Santa Claus. But this is all we think when talking about Christmas – getting presents, right?

However, have you ever thought about giving something back to the Santa as well?

Now you’ll say, “But I’ve never seen the Santa, how can I give him a return gift?” Of course you’ve not seen him but what you can do is take a few pledges as a return gift to Santa.

Think about it! What does Santa wants from you – “To stay healthy, wealthy and wise!” Now, being wise and healthy are not only subjective things but will also require a very lengthy period to achieve them. However, with wealthy, it’s fairly a straightforward process, as long as you’re a salaried professional. Your wealth gain, if you’re salaried, can only be via promotion or job change. And that’s what the traditional advice say.

But there are other things as well that you can do to see a wealthy future for yourself. This Christmas, owe a pledge to your Santa that you’ll at least start your journey towards becoming wealthy.

  • Better Utilisation Of Your Salary

Knowing your salary” is arguably the best advice anyone can give you. But another advice that’s equally beneficial is “mindful use of your salary”. Yes, you can be your spendthrift self, but you know that won’t make you rich. So what should you do then?

Utilising your salary can be done in three ways – making a budget and sticking to it, making investments and paying yourself (to satiate the spendthrift you!). Now, all three are important and you have to use your remaining salary to fulfil each one of them. It’s not difficult! Allocate a certain portion of your salary to meet all these needs and even if you do find sticking to these daunting, well, you’re paying yourself too for anything that you’d want to do – shopping, partying, going on a date, a trip, etc.

  • A Little More Frugality

Will not harm you.

Being frugal means spending within your means and it’s not only good for your own health but for your financial health as well. And having a clear distinction between “your needs” and “your wants” will go a long way in making this happen. It’s simple! You don’t need a lot of things you spend your heard-earned money on. And you just have to cut that short. But we know as easy as it sounds, it’s actually quite difficult to implement, amidst all the variety of distractions. Difficult but doable!

Spending a little time and learning about your spending habits can help you achieve this goal. What will not help you? Banking on the notion that you’ll be able to save more only when you earn more. So, don’t think about earning more. Think about spending a little less!

  • Seriousness About Retirement Planning

Let’s face it. Ask anyone, even in their 30s, and you’ll never hear them even mildly serious about retirement planning. It’s probably high time people should do away with – “I’ll see,” as a response to retirement planning. The importance of early planning has been emphasised enough but still that’s one area that sees a lot of procrastination. Starting early means more money, less monthly investment amount and staying invested for lesser duration. Power of compounding is what makes this possible.

Still wondering if the benefits are this much, why you never thought about it? Two reasons – your negligible interest in the subject and insufficient information floating around. To know more about how can you start early, this should help!

Did you forget about Santa while going through all this!!! Well, Santa wants to see you wealthy and by taking these small and simple yet impactful efforts, you’d be giving probably the best return gift to your Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas!


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