9 Benefits For Beginners To Invest In Mutual Funds With Sqrrl Investment App 

Mutual funds have earned huge merit in the field of meeting personal financial goals recently. Over a period of time, mutual funds have gained immense popularity due to the benefits they provide to the investors. Where regular investors are well aware of the benefits provided by mutual funds, those who are beginners might not find dealing with the topic easy. 

To gain clarity before investing in mutual funds for beginners, we tried to cover the advantages of using the Sqrrl app below. The reality is that mutual funds are meant for everyone and it doesn’t matter if  you are a beginner or a professional.

We understand that as an amateur, you might have inevitable confusion about investing. It could vary right from the amount of paperwork, to finding the best mutual fund to invest in or figuring out the correct investment duration. 

To make your first experience hassle-free, Sqrrl provides a platform where you can find easy products to simplify the steps involved in investing. The aim is to make investing in mutual funds for beginners, a simple process. Here’s why Sqrrl is the best investment app for your mutual funds investing needs:

1. Investments are safe and secure

Sqrrl provides a total protection system. It has two factor authorization, finger detection, and transparent checking of your mutual fund, which makes it a very safe option to invest in. In a nutshell, mutual funds are secure with the Sqrrl app. Investors need not worry about any shortcomings and just need to focus on investing mutual funds.

Choosing the right mutual funds which sync with the investment goal and the time horizon, keep the investment growth at a tremendous pace. It is secure too because the money invested through the Sqrrl app is directly transferred to the AMCs or asset management companies regulated by SEBI. Hence this makes it 100% secure and investment safe. 

2. 100 % Paperless KYC Approach

Beginners don’t have to get into any complicated paperwork. Investing in mutual funds for beginners is very easy through the Sqrrl app. It is a fast and fully digitized process. The investment is ready within 30 minutes once you follow all the hassle-free steps.

There is a requirement for minimal documentation during the registration process and almost next to nil waiting for the investment process. All the process is done online without any confusion. They offer expert recommendations and assistance at every stage of the investment process. 

3. Beginners Can Invest via SIP or Lump sum 

One of the most significant advantages is that a beginner can invest a lump sum in one go or start an SIP with just Rs. 100 with Sqrrl. Easy isn’t it? Beginners can automate their monthly investments. Once you decide, all that is required is to figure out the duration for which you’re looking to invest your money. There are different investment horizons for different types of mutual fund schemes. For instance, if you are looking to invest in

  • Money Market funds:  It is a Short-term fund.
  • Bond funds: It ranges from Medium to long-term
  • Equity funds: It is a Long-term fund.

Investing in mutual funds for beginners through SIP or lump sum has now been made easy. Beginners can invest in one specific type or split the investment between these three options and create a portfolio which contains all the types of these funds. This way, you can cash in the returns from your short term investments and leave others to grow in the long term.

4. Easily Manage Your SIP

Sqrrl provides an option to the beginners and experts, to start, pause, or stop their SIPs whenever required. As a beginner, it becomes essential to know where the money is invested. If you take on the investment process yourself and go directly to the mutual fund site, you’ll have a tougher time keeping track of all your investments.

But guess what? Sqrrl provides an option to keep a record after investing in mutual funds for beginners and for the experts, right from the start. They do this through a dashboard. This way you can easily manage your SIP and investments.

5. Beginners Can Get The Best Mutual Fund Recommendations

The most confusing question before investing in mutual funds for beginners especially, is whether it is beneficial or not. Sqrrl solves the conundrum for you. It provides the best fund recommendations through advisory experts at absolutely zero fees. It is necessary to thoroughly put your “brains” into the right fund operations.

Sqrrl takes within itself the responsibility to keep the investor’s money rising and floating. If any fund underperforms, Sqrrl gives the option to the person to make changes and refuel the whole fund management operation wherever required Sqrrl works as an experienced, reliable, and consistent fund manager to pick up the right mutual fund scheme for you.

6. Registered AMCs

Sqrrl takes the privilege of being one of the most recognized apps in this domain. It provides its users with all schemes from the best, leading AMCs on its app and the portal covers almost 90% of the industry domain.

7. Provide Portfolio Statements And Insights 

Sqrrl provides expert portfolio insights and statements. In addition to that, the investors can easily track performance at any time on the go, through the Sqrrl investment app. Investors also get a thorough analysis of what amount they are saving for, or what’s their risk appetite. Based on these inputs, Sqrrl works out intelligent algorithms and creates a customized investment portfolio for you.

The best part is that you can get all these insights in your native language! Sqrrl is available in more than 9 local languages that includes – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Malayalam. So,as a beginner, you can easily choose your language preference and start investing via this app.

8.  Automate Your Investments 

Sqrrl auto-pays the investments with just a reminder set up by the user. And this way, you do not have to worry about penalties for a late deposit. Sqrrl does most of the work for you, ensuring that you enjoy a seamless and faster investment experience. It is one of the coolest options of investing in mutual funds for beginners.

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a hassle-free and smart mode for investing money in mutual funds.  It allows the investor to spend a certain predetermined amount at a regular interval (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) into their mutual fund scheme. By selecting the automation option, you can easily automate the investment procedure for an investor. Investing in mutual funds for beginners and novices has become easier with this feature.

9. One-click Top-up

Investors can easily invest in existing funds with just a one-tap feature introduced in the newly launched version of Sqrrl. Recently, Sqrrl launched its latest version of the Sqrrl Mobile app for its investors. It has introduced a thumb-friendly approach that aims to keep the most important buttons within reach of users’ thumb, providing to them the prominent features of using a mobile app.

We see that times are changing fast and with the advent of the pandemic, there has been a huge economic pressure in the economy. It has become a necessity to become par with these emerging sectors. Most of the people might not know much about the finance and investment sector. Still, it is something that should be acquitted within the current scenario.

Indians are very steadily inclining towards mutual fund investments to not only realize their aspirations but also to make for a comfortable retirement. The new investors and beginners don’t know where to start from, due to the fact that finance is a pretty sensitive topic in everyone’s life. 

It becomes imperative to invest in the right schemes with utmost care. In light of that, this article shows the benefits of investing in mutual funds for beginners.  Start investing money into mutual funds through the Sqrrl app today. 


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