10 Financial Evils To Fight This Dussehra
10 Financial Evils To Fight This Dussehra

Dussehra is about the fight of good over evil. It teaches us to become better and to have the courage to fight the evil around us. And we believe it is the perfect time to fight the evils of your financial life. These evils hold you back from achieving your truest financial potential. So let’s have a look at these ten heads of financial evils that we need to behead.

Starting Late

Most of us fear investing and fail to start young. As we grow older, we realise the importance of investing and compounding. As soon as Goddess Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Lord Rama took action and started his fight. And it’s time for you to fight the evil of being scared and act!

Not Being Disciplined

Lord Rama stayed with Lord Lakshman and Goddess Sita in a forest for 14 years. He was told to do something, and he followed it with discipline without faltering. Dussehra celebrates this discipline. Let’s inculcated some of that discipline in our lives and stick to our saving and investing plan.

Not having Patience

14 years of exile is a very long time, but Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lord Lakshman were patient. They sent their years there with patience and ultimately made their way back home safe. Patience is what helped them be the winners in the fight between good and evil on Dussehra. We need to be patient with our investments too and give them time to grow to see fruitful results.

Being Greedy

Dusshera teaches us that greed is an evil that makes you do unthinkable things. Ravana’s greed led to his destruction. In the same way, greed in your financial life will be detrimental to you. Put the greed aside and this Dussehra start your saving journey!


A lot of us are victims to this vice. Take for example the festive season, with Dussehra here we have the perfect reason to spend and overspend. Ravana liked to live a life of extravagance and it was one of his vices. Let’s learn from the festival of Dussehra to spend on just what is needed.

Not Realising Potential

Lord Rama mobilised an army of monkeys and fought Ravana on Dussehra. It makes you realise the power of harnessing the true potential of everything that we have. You have money and it has the potential to grow with investing. So invest it! Sqrrl even lets you invest your spare change with SqrrlAway.

Panicking When Things Get Tough

Lord Rama remained calm when things got tough. It was one of the reasons he won in the fight of Dussehra. Most of us panic when the market is falling and want to pull out. However, we should be staying calm in these situations and analysing our financial options and outcomes before making a rash decision.

Not Having a Goal

We celebrate Dussehra to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama. He had one goal – to free his wife, and he achieved it. Lord Rama won because he had a goal in his mind and a plan of action to achieve it. Most of us start investing with no goal which is very detrimental in a financial journey. Sqrrl helps you to make goal-based investments!

Ignoring Diversification

Ravana ignored the power of the diversified army of Lord Rama and he paid for it in the battle of Dussehra. Similarly, most of us do not diversify our portfolios, thus creating a weak investment strategy. Diversification is the key to successful investments and should not be ignored.

Not Having an Emergency Fund

The story of Dussehra tells us that misfortune may befall any of us at any time. Goddess Sita got kidnapped and Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman had to fight for her. Likewise, any financial misfortune can fall on any of us. Hence it is imperative to have an emergency fund ready for this situation.

Dussehra tells us the story of Lord Rama beheading ten heads of Ravana and proclaiming the victory of good over evil. Just like that if you remove these ten financial evils from your life, the good will win over the bad in your financial life too! Happy Dussehra!



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